Bodle Bros Ltd market agricultural inputs and crops,
together with retailing horse & pet supplies
Based in Mid Sussex

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Bodle Bros Ltd
Agricultural Merchants
Animal, Pet Feed & Equestrian Store
Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd

-Ewe & lamb feed-
Most sheep feed contracts are now logged but please let us know if you need to secure your feed and milk powder for this lambing season. We offer the full range of Mole Valley Feeds, ForFarmers feeds & Volac milk powders.

Also, let's not overlook feed blocks & molasses based liquid feeds.

-Cereal Seed-
Propino & Planet spring barley seed are predictably the biggest movers in the South East which is already causing some concern as to how much supply there is. You may have read the article in the Farmers Weekly recently.

Mulika is the obvious spring wheat variety to grow.

Fanfare spring beans are selling the fastest but we also have Vertigo, Boxer & lynx.

Prophet peas are still the market leader but Daytona & Kingfisher also have their merits.

-Grass Seeds & Fodder Seeds-
To complement our portfolio of Sinclair McGill Mixtures, we have introduced a range of mixtures from First Crop Seeds. These are typically locally sourced, have the ability for bespoke mixtures and are very competitively priced. Please let us know if you need any 'specials' & we'd love to give you a quote.

Much of the spring fertiliser is thankfully already ordered but please let us know if you still require some tonnage.

-KaN 46% Koch Advanced Nitrogen®-
Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is in the same performance category as ammonium nitrate (AN) in terms of yield and protein levels.

• KAN® fertiliser stabilises nitrogen against loss so it remains available for the crop.

• Proven in DEFRA's NT26 research project on nitrogen fertiliser behaviour (as AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser + urea)

•KAN® fertiliser contains 46% nitrogen, one-third more nutrients compared to AN 34.5%. • More passes per load. • Fewer fill-ups

•Available as Sulphur blends:- 33-0-0-30So3, 38-0-0-19So3 and 40-0-0-14So3

-Efficie N t 28-
Don't forget how much EfficieNt 28 you'll be using when you are calculating your Spring Nitrogen demand. As more growers use this each year, it is proving an extremely useful, versatile & cost effective method of feeding your crop Nitrogen. We have plenty of literature & trial results for further discussion.

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-eNrich Nitrogen Fixing Microbes-
eNrich is an effective biological inoculation for all plants. It is used to enhance establishment by increasing root development and fertiliser uptake, particularly N and P, whilst enabling atmospheric nitrogen fixation in the plant. Legumes such as beans, peas and clovers which tend not to be seed inoculated, have shown great results.

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Bodle Bros Ltd

*Silver Winner of UK Pet Retailer of the Year 2016*
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*Lovely Beds, Toys, Collars and Leads for your Dogs & Cats*
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Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd

Our Agricultural Merchanting operation is long established and thrives on a symbiotic relationship with farmer businesses across the South East of England.

Bodle Bros Ltd is one of the largest & most successful Animal, Pet & Equestrian feed retail outlets in Mid Sussex.

We aim to win by evolving our business, to adapt to the changing market place, distributing our products & services in the most efficient & effective manner for our customers & ourselves.
Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd
Registered Office ~ Bodle Bros Ltd  Southdown Store  Cuckfield Road  Burgess Hill  West Sussex  RH15 8RE