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Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd

One of the cheapest ways to top up & correct your P & K's on cereal stubbles and you get a plethora of trace elements for free. Autumn is the busiest time for this and we are able to spread on GPS.

Lime Spreading Service
Besides bagged granulated lime, we are now able to offer a local bulk lime spreading service. This is Agri-Lime dust 0-4mm with an analysed Neutralising Value of 52%. Other local lime is typically 47 – 50% NV.

Soil Testing and Mapping Service
We have made a trade agreement with a local soil testing & mapping business so that we can offer comprehensive soil mapping and advisory services without tying you into costly long term contracts. There are 3 levels of service and information to suite your requirements.

Grass Seed
Grass seed prices are down from previous years…Good News. We cover the South East with our top quality Headstart nutrient coated mixtures from Sinclair McGill and can offer competitive deals on request.

Cereal Seed
Here is our summary of the most attractive varieties for drilling this autumn.

Group 1

RGT Skyfall
Recommended last year - joint highest yielding in Group 1. This year’s harvest will give millers an opportunity to establish the potential for Skyfall in an increasingly competitive group 1 market.  However, this is compensated with a decent agronomic package (the only group one to have OWBM resistance) and looks to be a more forgiving variety in the lower fertility sites and as a second wheat. Skyfall is a variety that is best suited to later sowing dates. Skyfall should also be given priority at harvest.

KWS Trinity  
Newly recommended -joint highest yielding in Group 1. Similarly to Skyfall Trinity Will need further evaluation by millers. Trinity displays a good set of disease scores but is later to mature. Trinity looks set to be a variety that will perform at its best in a first cereal situation on higher fertility sites. Trinity is best drilled early to mid-season.

Crusoe UKP
Solid, tested and trusted – Crusoe has a firm following from the end user producing consistent high quality grain and is producing good yields and has good disease resistance too. It is a later maturing variety that needs the higher fertility sites and preferably a first cereal position to reach its maximum potential. Timeliness at harvest is crucial as it does not retain HFN as well as Solstice. 

Solstice UKP
Solstice remains a favourite with the millers due to its consistent grain quality. Despite the fact that its agronomic package may be weaker than its newer contemporaries, it still responds well to fungicides and has the ability to retain HFN in a difficult harvest season. It also offers flexibility on drilling date, site and as a first or second cereal. Solstice stillhas a place in the rotation by offering consistent grain quality and flexibility at drilling and harvest. 

Group 2

Newly recommended, highest yielding milling wheat, it may require very specific management to meet milling requirements. However, with yields comparable to feed wheat, a premium could be viewed as an added bonus. Lili overall is an agronomically-sound variety.

KWS Cordiale UKP
Like Solstice, another reliable consistent variety that offers both excellent grain quality and flexibility to the grower in terms of harvest date and drilling date. It is also proven as second wheat. 

UKP = the variety meets the specification for UKP Bread wheat for overseas markets.

Group 3

Zulu UKS
Is yet to fully prove itself but certainly in the eyes of the Dutch millers it has similar rheology to Claire. On top of this it also has a distinct yield advantage and better all-round disease package. Unlike Claire this is not a variety to be drilled early. 

Scout UKS
Again, Claire-like grain quality. Is better suited to a second wheat position or on lighter land. Must be drilled early at a relatively high seed rate as it’s not strong at tillering. 

Claire UKS
Benchmark variety has been around since 1999 and is still here due to its consistent grain quality and reliability in the field. Claire will require early drilling, but unlike Scout it produces many tillers. Claire is best suited to first wheat situations and should receive priority at harvest to retain HFN. 

UKS = variety is suitable for UKS biscuit wheat export markets.

Group 4

JB Diego
Most widely grown variety in UK – is a very solid reliable variety. Although on paper it is not the highest yielding variety in its group, it has the ability to perform on most soil types whether it is planted early or late, or as a first or second wheat. In addition, it also has the ability to produce good quality grain so in some instances has the potential for a small premium. JB Diego is also equipped with a robust set of disease ratings. 

KWS Tempo
Similar grain characteristics to Diego and in some respects a very similar variety with the added bonus of better disease ratings and slightly higher yields. Can be drilled very early.

Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd   Bodle Bros Ltd

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Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd

Our Agricultural Merchanting operation is long established and thrives on a symbiotic relationship with farmer businesses across the South East of England.

Bodle Bros Ltd is one of the largest & most successful Animal, Pet & Equestrian feed retail outlets in Mid Sussex.

We aim to win by evolving our business, to adapt to the changing market place, distributing our products & services in the most efficient & effective manner for our customers & ourselves.
Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd
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