Bodle Bros Ltd market agricultural inputs and crops,
together with retailing horse & pet supplies
Based in Mid Sussex

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Bodle Bros Ltd
Agricultural Merchants
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Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd

EfficieNt 28 Foliar Nitrogen
As more growers use this each year, it is proving an extremely useful, versatile & cost effective method of feeding your crop Nitrogen. EfficieNt  28 is low volume, non leaching, non scorching Foliar Nitrogen which can be easily tank mixed with other sprays.

Please allow for how much you’ll need when calculating your Nitrogen applications

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Sheep Feed & Lambing supplies
We are upfront about our competitive quotes & lambing lists. Please ask for details

Grass Seed
Grass seed prices are down from previous years…Good News. We cover the South East with our top quality Headstart nutrient coated mixtures from Sinclair McGill and can offer competitive deals on request.

Cereal Seed
Propino and Planet are just about sold out & so Irena is the current choice. Please talk to us about its merits.

We have various options for Greening & Soil Improvement Solutions.

Although the prices have come down, deliveries are under immense pressure……as predicted! As we organise much of our own transport, we will hopefully be ahead of the game.

One of the cheapest ways to top up & correct your P & K's in the Spring and you get a plethora of trace elements for free. We are able to spread on GPS.

Lime Spreading Service
Besides bagged granulated lime, we are now able to offer a local bulk lime spreading service. This is Agri-Lime dust 0-4mm with an analysed Neutralising Value of 52%. Other local lime is typically 47 – 50% NV.

Soil Testing and Mapping Service
We have made a trade agreement with a local soil testing & mapping business so that we can offer comprehensive soil mapping and advisory services without tying you into costly long term contracts. There are 3 levels of service and information to suite your requirements.

Bodle Bros Ltd

***Fertiliser and Grass Seed in stock***

***All sorts of Fly control products up in our 'Equitorium'***

***New products include Dog Beds, Collars and Leads, Dog Foods, Horse Feeds & Supplements and Nutibombs for the Birds.***

***Come and visit our ' Bucketorium' for a vast range of stable and yard equipment***

Further details please ring 01444 247757

Winner of Bright FM’s
Best Business Award 2015

SEIB Finalist of 
Large Equestrian Retailer of the Year 2015

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Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd

Our Agricultural Merchanting operation is long established and thrives on a symbiotic relationship with farmer businesses across the South East of England.

Bodle Bros Ltd is one of the largest & most successful Animal, Pet & Equestrian feed retail outlets in Mid Sussex.

We aim to win by evolving our business, to adapt to the changing market place, distributing our products & services in the most efficient & effective manner for our customers & ourselves.
Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd
Registered Office ~ Bodle Bros Ltd  Southdown Store  Cuckfield Road  Burgess Hill  West Sussex  RH15 8RE