Bodle Bros Ltd market agricultural inputs and crops,
together with retailing horse & pet supplies
Based in Mid Sussex

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Bodle Bros Ltd
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Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd

Cereal Seed, Blended Feed Wheats
The concept of blending varieties is far from new. In cereals, the idea was last popular in the late 1970s when breeders blended varieties to help minimise disease pressures and improving average grain sample quality. With improved fungicides and grain qualities, the idea soon lost popularity, but with greatly increased disease pressures now evident in wheat’s, the concept has been revived.
Selecting varieties with a range of disease profiles, grain qualities and agronomic characteristics is key, complementing the weaknesses of one variety with the strengths of others. By example, a very high yielding, yellow rust susceptible variety with modest specific weight can be blended with two or three possibly lower yielding varieties, reducing extreme disease pressures and improving grain quality. Select varieties with similar maturity dates!
Growers should not see this as a route to lower inputs as such, but as a way of removing some of the extremes single varieties can display across the seasons. Bringing management flexibility and reducing risk is the main driver.

Fibrophos & P-Grow
With bagged Phosphate & Potash prices firming slightly, Fibrophos & P-Grow look very attractive financially and nutritionally. They equate to approx. £50/t cheaper than TSP & MOP & have all the extra trace nutrients within the price.

Mobile Seed Cleaner
With lower cereal prices looming for this harvest, the temptation to consider dressing your own seed is even higher. We now are able to offer for hire 2 mobile seed cleaners, one on a rigid lorry and the other, a high capacity artic lorry.

Grass Seed
As the leading suppliers of Sinclair McGill grass mixtures in the South East, we market proven market leading varieties. If you are looking for reliable high performance rather than a budget mixture, we’d be happy to talk to you. Grass seed is often a 5 year investment…..’buy cheap… twice’

Granulated Lime
Soil pH imbalance is often the biggest factor in lack of nutrient uptake & stunted plant growth. Spreading granulated lime is the most reactive & cost effective way of correcting acidic soils.

Bodle Bros Ltd

All are welcome to join us Bodle Bros Ltd
on the B2036, just north of  Burgess Hill.

Friday 5th December

TRIPLE POINTS OPEN DAY with over 10 representatives from the pet and horse industries in house with expert advice and fantastic offers!!

Dressage Saddle Cloths


Just arrived brightly coloured Dressage Saddle Cloths plus
new range of headcollars upstairs in our Equitorium.

Now stockists of the Canidae range of Dog and Cat food.




NEW  Festive range of Christmas Dog Jumpers!!
                                                                                         NOW IN  Advent calendars for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Small Animals!

Just some of the 30,000 products we stock!

Further details please ring 01444 247757

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Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd

Our Agricultural Merchanting operation is long established and thrives on a symbiotic relationship with farmer businesses across the South East of England.

Bodle Bros Ltd is one of the largest & most successful Animal, Pet & Equestrian feed retail outlets in Mid Sussex.

We aim to win by evolving our business, to adapt to the changing market place, distributing our products & services in the most efficient & effective manner for our customers & ourselves.
Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd
Registered Office ~ Bodle Bros Ltd  Southdown Store  Cuckfield Road  Burgess Hill  West Sussex  RH15 8RE