Bodle Bros Ltd market agricultural inputs and crops,
together with retailing horse & pet supplies
Based in Mid Sussex

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Bodle Bros Ltd
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Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd

Free Grass Seed
We have a special promotion on our Sinclair Mcgill grass seeds brand. We’re offering an extra free 10kg of all branded SMG branded grass mixtures with every 100kgs purchased before the end of July & delivered by 15th August 2016.

EfficieNt 28 Foliar Nitrogen
Here’s a thought….how much of your maize seed bed applied nitrogen will be still be there after all this rain?? This ought to be the year to apply Efficie-N-t 28 to assure that maize has enough N in August.

Maize needs some 50% of its total Nitrogen requirement from the 8 leaf stage to tassling, with a further 35% needed for cob fill during August to September.

Potential losses of seed bed applied nitrogen after this recent heavy rain may leave the crop short of nitrogen during these essential stages of growth resulting in translocation of nitrogen from the leaves to the grain sites and loss of green leaf.

To address this issue, we recommend  25kg/ha  applications of Efficie-N-t 28 at the 8 leaf stage to give yield lifts of 3 to 5 tonnes per acre fresh weight over untreated crops, without delaying harvest dates.

5 x the efficiency of soil applied nitrogen
Nearly 100% uptake
Low volume application
Scorch free
Leach free
Can be tank mixed with most fungicides
Sticker & anti-drift benefits
Contains plant friendly amide N which promotes higher sugar levels and reduces risk of crop lodging
Pushes higher yields

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Bodle Wheat Trials Day
Thank you for all those who came to our wheat trials on Tuesday 28th June and got a bit wet. Andrew Bourne was a breath of fresh air in these uncertain times.  We now look forward to discussing Autumn seed options with you over the next few weeks. 

Bale Wrap, Bale Net & Twine
Our best deals are on Powergrip bale wrap which is 1650m (10% extra) & 5 layers thick (standard is 3 layer).
Netverks full cover Net wrap is hugely competitive & brilliant quality.
The newly launched Tama Type72, 9600’ twine is also the best deal around, It’s longer & cheaper per meter offering a direct replacement for the old 7200’ Hesston Twine.

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Silage Addatives
Ecosyl & Ecobale are still considered the most reliable for improved animal performance.

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Bodle Bros Ltd

***Fertiliser and Grass Seed in stock***

***All sorts of Fly control products up in our 'Equitorium'***

***New products include Dog Beds, Collars and Leads, Dog Foods, Horse Feeds & Supplements and Nutibombs for the Birds.***

***Come and visit our ' Bucketorium' for a vast range of stable and yard equipment***

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Winner of More FM
Best Business Award 2015

SEIB Finalist of 
Large Equestrian Retailer of the Year 2015

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Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd

Our Agricultural Merchanting operation is long established and thrives on a symbiotic relationship with farmer businesses across the South East of England.

Bodle Bros Ltd is one of the largest & most successful Animal, Pet & Equestrian feed retail outlets in Mid Sussex.

We aim to win by evolving our business, to adapt to the changing market place, distributing our products & services in the most efficient & effective manner for our customers & ourselves.
Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd
Registered Office ~ Bodle Bros Ltd  Southdown Store  Cuckfield Road  Burgess Hill  West Sussex  RH15 8RE