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Herbs are a natural way of helping to provide nutritional support for those that display behavioral problems. One of the best known herbs is chamomile which has been used for hundreds of years for its calming and soothing properties. Chamomile is an essential ingredient in our Placid which is blended with Scullcap and a number of other herbs which are revered for their calming properties and support of the nervous system. This combination provides nutritional support for horses and ponies that are prone to excitability or nervousness.

Naughty Gelding (special order)

Hormonal changes can be a major influence in the onset of behavioral problems for geldings, which can often result in ‘riggish’ behavior when around mares in season, making them difficult to handle and manage.
Naughty Gelding is a blend of soothing herbs to nutritionally support geldings which are vulnerable to hormonal related behavioral problems. Ingredients: Scullcap, Chamomile, Hops, Passion Flower and Lemon Balm.

Stroppy Mare


Stroppy Mare utilizes a blend of soothing herbs which help to nutritionally support mares with hormonal related behavioral problems.
Hormonal changes can be a major influence in the onset of behavioral problems for mares. When a mare is season she can become difficult to handle making management and riding a problem.
Ingredients: Poppy Petals, Raspberry Leaves, Chamomile, Vervain, St John’s Wort and Chaste Tree Berries.


B-Sure(special order)

A horse’s digestive system contains a delicate balance of micro flora which can easily be disrupted by stresses such as travel, competition, a change in environment or illness. When these situations arise it is important that the balance is restored to help prevent digestive disorders, such as colic or scouring. B-Sure is a high specification liquid B vitamin supplement that is of particular benefit to horses with poor appetites, horses that are recuperating, horses travelling frequently or those prone to nervousness.

Sure-Bio (special order)


Sure-Bio is a new generation symbiotic digestive enhancer containing both prebiotics and probiotics which work throughout the digestive system, helping to ensure that beneficial bacteria flourish and harmful bacteria are removed.



Ideal for veterans, horses receiving low fibre intake, horses prone to digestive disorders, competition horses and poor doers. Yea-Sacc supports a stable environment in the hind gut, encouraging the number of cellulytic bacteria to maintain optimum fibre digestion.


Burst Free (special order)

Containing two herbs reported to nutritionally aid the circulatory system, Burst Free may be beneficial for horses at risk from blood vessel weakness. Ingredients: Yarrow and Dandelion.


Echinacea has many nutritional benefits and has been scientifically proven to support the immune system. This herb is of particular benefit to horses and ponies which may be under performing or require a nutritional boost.
Ingredients: Echinacea Purpurea.

Garlic (special order)


100% pure and sourced to our strict specification, Dodson & Horrell Garlic ensures quality and consistency. Available in a granule or powder form, Garlic has many nutritional benefits including support for the respiratory and digestive systems.

Hedgerow Herbs


A mix of herbs that would have traditionally been found in pasture which are now often lacking from today’s grazing. All the herbs in this blend offer nutritional support to your horse’s well being and condition.
Ingredients: Nettle, Oregano, Mint, Thyme, Rosehips, Dandelion and Red Clover.

Milk Thistle (special order)

Contains 100% Milk Thistle herb, for the nutritional maintenance of the liver.

Set Free (special order)

A blend of herbs renowned for their nutritional properties to maintain normal muscle function in horses prone to tying-up or muscle problems.
Ingredients: Cramp Bark, Mint, Fenugreek and Limestone Flour.


Firm Foot (special order)


This combination of Rosehips and Seaweed work together to help nutritionally support strong, healthy hooves.
Ingredients: Rosehips and Seaweed.

Stand Free (special order)

A blend of herbs which offers nutritional support for healthy hoof condition and is of particular benefit to the laminae. Ingredients: Nettle, Rosehip, Seaweed and Garlic Granules.

Sure Foot

Poor quality hooves can make shoeing and shoe retention difficult; also it can be a sign that your horse’s diet is lacking essential micronutrients. Problems such as weak horn wall, crumbling and flaking, ridged and misshapen hooves may be associated with a deficiency in the water soluble B group vitamin biotin. Methionine and cystine, essential sulphur containing amino acids are also necessary in maintaining quality hoof condition.
Surefoot is an alfalfa based supplement that has been formulated to encourage hoof quality and growth.
Surefoot contains biotin along with essential micronutrients for hoof development.




Mobility is a special blend of herbs for the nutritional support of joints and muscles and has been prepared for horses and ponies prone to stiffness and mobility problems. Obviously taking the right precautions during exercise can help reduce the adverse effects, however some horses are naturally predisposed to conditions such as arthritis. Also, as a horse ages, general stiffness is often evident.
Ingredients: Nettle, Celery Seed, Burdock Root, Dandelion Leaves, Devil’s Claw Root and Comfrey Leaf.

Devils Claw Root


Devil’s Claw Root is recommended for horses and ponies that are prone to muscular and joint conditions. Due to the soothing properties of this herb, Devil’s Claw Root is recommended for horses and ponies that are prone to muscular and joint conditions. Ingredients: Devil’s Claw Root.



Strenuous work and travelling are a part of the performance horse’s life both of which can encourage sweating and therefore the loss of water and electrolytes. Initially the horse can balance these losses, however the loss continues, the electrolyte imbalances and dehydration may result in problems including reduced stamina, premature fatigue, appetite loss and muscle cramps. Feeding an electrolyte supplement is essential to replace these losses and to help prevent poor recovery after exercise. Surelyte is a comprehensive blend of electrolyte salts which promotes re-hydration. This palatable supplement encourages the horse to drink and provides essential electrolytes which are lost through sweating.


Breathe free with QLC


A healthy respiratory system is an important part of your horse’s general well-being and there are many aspects of today’s horse care that can jeopardize this. By stabling for long periods of time, exercising in enclosed areas and feeding forage which contains dust and fungal spores. The exposure your horse receives to irritations and airborne particles is dramatically increased. Management must be addressed if your horse is suffering from RAO (Recurrent Airway Obstruction) and providing nutritional support is also advisable. Breathe-Free is a beneficial mix of herbs to help nutritionally maintain a healthy respiratory system. It also contains additional anti-oxidants in the form of our unique QLC anti-oxidant package. Anti-oxidants have been scientifically proven to be of benefit to horses suffering from respiratory problems. Ingredients: Aniseed, Red Clover, Coltsfoot, Hyssop, Horsehound, Garlic Granules and QLC.


Itch free

Itch-Free is a blend of herbs including chamomile for its soothing properties and nettle to support skin and coat condition. Ingredients: Chamomile, Burdock Root, Garlic Granules and Nettle.

Show Blend (special order)


Show Blend has been formulated to nutritionally support general health, along with benefiting coat and skin condition. A glossy and healthy coat is vital to the show horse and pony ensuring that they look and perform great in the ring. Ingredients: Red Clover, Nettle, Whole Fenugreek, Marigold, Golden Rod, Seaweed and Mint.


Daily Vits & Mins

Daily Vits & Mins is a comprehensive, broad spectrum mineral, vitamin and anti-oxidant supplement that can be used to ‘top-up’ the level of vitamins and minerals your horse is receiving. With the addition of QLC, this product provides optimal anti-oxidant support for your horse’s own natural protection.

Equi-Bites (now available in a 10kg sack)

Equi-Bites are a treat with a difference! Equi-Bites are fully supplemented with vitamins and minerals making them a healthy treat for leisure horses and ponies at grass or in work. With the added convenience of feeding straight from your hand Equi-Bites ensures your horse’s individual vitamin and mineral needs are met.

Pasture Block(special order)


Pasture Block is a vitamin, mineral and trace element block for horses and ponies at grass or on a reduced concentrate feed. It also contains QLC anti-oxidants, bioplex minerals and biotin.



A broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement specifically formulated for breeding stock and horses in intense work. Surelimb provides optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for maintenance of a healthy Musculo-skeletal system. Ideal for fast growing weanlings at risk of developmental problems or to balance the diet of horses fed straight cereals.

Uniblock Horseblock(special order)

A high specification vitamin and mineral block ideal for studs and competition yards. Horses at grass or on reduced rations will not be receiving optimal levels of essential minerals such as copper, zinc and magnesium. Uniblock helps to ensure deficiencies do not occur.

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