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Equine Bedding

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Our lorry can take 100 bales (with room for some feed!), any orders over 50 attract a 50p per bale discount (plus delivery charge).
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Plospan PLOSPAN and ROYALSPAN shavings are our most popular type of bedding that we sell. It's a safe absorbent bedding for your horses, small animals and livestock.
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Verdo Verdo is a wood pellet manufactured in the UK. It is simple to use and is very absorbent. Any wet and soiled bedding remains compact and manageable which makes mucking out easier and reduces amount of bedding used.
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Bedmax BEDMAX is from renewable forestry timber from the UK, Pine is used wherever possible for its natural antiseptic properties. BEDMAX shavings are completely natural.
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Megazorb Biodegradable, so breaks down quickly into garden compost resulting in smaller muck heaps. Its absorbs stable odours therefore reducing insect problems. MEGAZORB is dried and sterilised at temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius killing mould, spores and bacteria and is dust extracted twice making it ideal for horses with C.O.P.D.
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Paper Bedding We stock bales of paper bedding suitable for all animals. They work well with rubber matting and are highly absorbent. Many horses and ponies suffer from undetected respiratory diseases and the most common cause is an allergic reaction to dust and mould spores found in straw and shavings, by using paper bedding this helps towards eliminating this problem.
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Only clean uncontaminated cardboard is used in the processing of EcoBed, it can be used in a similar way to wood shavings but is easier to handle when bedding down and mucking out. Unlike paper and shavings it doesn’t break down into dust with use.

Plus the absorption factor and insulation factors are excellent. Liquids run off very quickly and are absorbed slowly by the bottom layer, therefore leaving the top dry. EcoBed cardboard bedding is biodegradable and can be incorporated into the ground like straw. EcoBed breaks down quicker than shavings or straw once put back into the ground. 
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AUBIOSE is 100% natural organically cultivated hemp providing a clean natural healthy stable environment for your horse. It is highly absorbent and composts readily.

Easy Pack

Chopped Straw
The locally sourced straw is finely chopped, dust extracted and treated with Eucalyptus for a pleasant aroma whilst deterring the horse from eating their bed.     

  • Highly absorbent - locks in moisture reducing waste and ammonia smells.
  • Versatile - ideal for traditional or deep litter beds, can also be used on top of rubber matting.
  • Dust extracted - reducing dust for a light, airy, healthy stable.
  • Finely chopped - for a soft manageable and easy to work with bedding.
  • Biodegradable - rots down quickly and can be spread straight on to the land saving money on muck removal, whilst providing an ideal fertilizer for your fields.
  • No varnish or chemicals - for a safe bedding that will not stain your horse. 

Miscanthus is a tall perennial grass, more commonly known as Elephant Grass.
As a bedding Miscanthus can absorb up to three times its own weight in liquid and has a naturally low dust content making it an ideal choice for animals with respiratory problems.

Miscanthus has a coarse texture, not palatable to horses, creating a dense and supportive bed that is both light and airy to work with, plus the benefits as for chopped straw above.
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Rubber Matting

Our heavy-duty rubber mats (6ft X 4ft X 17mm) offer durable and easy-clean floor coverings for many uses. We can deliver any quantity or can roll them up individually so we can load them into your vehicle if you wish to collect.

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We stock bales of straw from a local farmer and can deliver up to 80 at one time.

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