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SuperCalm keeps your horse relaxed and easy to manage whilst providing the best nutrition for natural living, fitness and strong body defences. It also contains sufficient magnesium and potassium to address correct mineral balance and works quickly within 2-3 days.

SuperCalm Instant

Supercalm Instant

Instant is a convenient concentrated form of SuperCalm which works in 1-3 hours and lasts for over half a day. It is useful in any horse. Use for performance horses that loose nervous energy before exercise. It also helps with stamina and recovery after exercise and can also be used to calm before travel or clipping.

Frisky Mare


This blend is traditionally used to help maintain balance & comfort in the reproductive system of mares during the breeding season or at any time of year. It is particularly useful when owners worry about oestrus. Such supplementation may be appropriate when owners find it difficult to cope with behavioural changes and discomfort.



MagCalm is a very effective mixture of highly digestible chealted (protein bound) magnesium and other minerals. Together these ingredients help muscles work more effectively and promote calm in those horses that become over-excited in a wide variety of situations.

Thoroughbred Calmer

Thoroughbred Calmer

SuperCalm may be ideal for most horses but try this new product if you would like a specific approach for your own thoroughbred. A traditional formula designed to maintain normal muscle function in the face of challenges to proper working. Provides an antioxidant profile while soothing and calming affected muscle fibres.
Use for routine management of muscle condition or for control of movement and function

Rig Calm


RigCalm is a product designed to help in the management of excitable male horses. It works quickly and effectively and can be used in the long and short term. It is particularly useful for geldings that are showing too much interest in mares and are displaying ’riggy’ type behaviour.



A new product designed to help you when you need to keep your horse chilled out when confined in a loose box. BoxRest formula also supports the general nutrition of the whole body and ensures a quick return to the freedom your horse needs.

Shake Free


Shakefree works to soothe, relax and transform skin, sensitive membranes and nerves and is available in a winter or summer blend .Use in conjunction with PollenEx when airborne allergens and irritants are known to be the cause of stress and anxiety with symptoms of head shaking.

Anti Suck (special order)


Many nutrients can help horses in such situations but those in AntiSuck are particularly effective. Sometimes horses get used to gulping air down and the issue lies in the 'mind' but almost always there is a more rational explanation. Get some good advice from your vet and behaviourist and afterwards you may find that a little AntiSuck is a great help for normal stomach acid level.




A liver tonic which revives, helps with movement, and supports general condition and brightness. Results are generally seen in a few days. This formula often enriches the colour of a horse's coat as the digestion improves.
Use if you want your horse to look like and be a 'picture of health'. Feed to horses that are in poor condition or are listless despite good feeding and worming. Restore can help with changes of feed, and is an excellent aid to convalescence, the work of your vet and for generally assisting energy and performance. Restore is often essential in support of our other herbal products as it aids the digestion and absorption.



Prebioherb is a concentrated formula which supplies the micronutrients that your horse needs while also providing herbs to help the microorganisms in the gut work effectively. This combined approach to feeding enables your horse to thrive, flourish and stay fit and health.



Acid-X is a traditional herbal stomach soother which can transform digestion to enable horses to take in such food much more safely and comfortably.

Diareeze(special order)


A very efficient and natural way of soothing faecal consistency

Rag-Aid (special order)


Traditional support for Ragwort Concerns. RagAid is a powerful aid to maintaining liver cells in top working order. Traditionally used as a liver tonic, this improved formula can be used all year round if you are not sure whether your horse is in danger or not.

Clear Out (special order)


Psyllium husks in ClearOut are an excellent bowel cleanser helping keep your horse clear of build up of undesirable material which can cause discomfort and concern.

BlackSalt                                                                                                          Top


Black Salt is a digestive soother & skin calmer. Black Salt provides an easy way to give your horse those extra minerals he or she needs but also more importantly soothes those horses prone to repetitive abdominal discomfort.

Gut Buster (special order)


GutBuster has traditionally been used as a means of helping bowels stay relaxed if flatulence and spasm are a possibility. In this product the sticky resin has been mixed with 50% rice flour.




You can use Dust-X on its own, or in more difficult situations with the product Weez. Dust-X can be used on its own for long term supplementation or for a short period when that bad batch of hay has appeared by accident without your knowledge.

Airways Plus


When your horse is not breathing quite right it is often difficult to know exactly why and the situation can sometimes drag on for months. If you want to get the best possible action in the quickest time possible, and cover all the areas that might be of concern, then use AirwayPlus liquid.



This formula contains a unique balance of such plants which have been shown to provide the most effective nutritional approach we have yet seen. PolleneX can be used for itchy noses, runny eyes, tossing of the head and all those summer worries that you and your horse know so well.



A formula designed mainly for use with PolleneX and Dust-X and sometimes AirwayPlus. Weez is traditionally used to soothe the chests of horses that have great difficulty with airborne particles in winter when dusty and in the summer when high pollen counts cause annoyance.

Bleed-X(special order)


BleedX is an important tonic to achieve clear airways under the most severe forms of exercise. BleedX is specially formulated for racehorses, and can be used throughout the season.

Muco- Free

For a dry comfortable nose and chest.  This is a supplementary blend of plants that helps horses breathe more easily after the use of AirwayPlus or PolleneX .

Anti-Whiff (special order)

To sprinkle on the bedding. Antiwiff is a purely herbal formula that can cut out all the unpleasant smells of ammonia that make life unpleasant for you and your horse.


Laminitis Prone

Laminitis Prone Supplement 

Almost all laminitis is nutritional in origin. Thus, poor digestion can often trigger the onset of painful and sometimes fatal inflammation of the laminae - laminitis. The condition results in toxins produced by 'bad' bacteria in the bowels leaking through to the blood. This causes damage and restricts the blood supply to the sensitive laminae in the feet. With prevention being much better than a cure, Global Herbs have developed a Laminitis Prone Supplement to be used as a natural nutritional supplement for sensitive horses and ponies.
Laminitis Prone Supplement contains digestive herbs which perfectly and safely rebalance equine nutrition.



Alphabute can be used as a quick acting soothing formula. It is particularly useful after your horse has been in difficulty for a number of months but is not a substitute for the careful attention of your vet .

C-Aid(special order)


Agnus Castus is an important plant to use for sensitive horses with laminae worries. C-Aid is combined with additional herbs that boost its action and at the same time support the immune system. For use with or without C-Aid spray. Often used to treat ailments associated with Laminae issues, C-Aid spray is fed orally, sprayed directly onto the gums or a carrot. This highly effective spray is recommended to be used twice a day on ponies/horses with the laminitis ailment.

ReBuilder (special order)


Supports re-growth of laminae. This traditional formula is a great help if horses are in discomfort and in need of additional nutritional support after a period of difficulty with their sensitive laminae.


Alpha Bute                                                                                                          Top


Alphabute can be used as a quick acting soothing formula. It is particularly useful after your horse has been in difficulty for a number of months but is not a substitute for the careful attention of your vet.

Move Free Plus

Movefree Plus

MovefreePlus is the only HA-like herbal formula that works to feed joints from the inside. It helps the body make very rich joint fluid that bathes and feeds the inside of joints and soothes tendons and muscle.



Tendonease provides the building blocks necessary for rebuilding tissue and helps soothe and calm areas at risk. It is antioxidant, provides minerals for growth and helps with circulation to all areas.



For really strong joints – especially Hocks. StrongBone can be used in horses of any age. In the young it can be used to encourage proper skeletal development and in older animals it can be used routinely to ensure that joints remain as strong as they were when they were younger.



Absolutely pure MSM. MSM along with GlobalVite for all the other minerals and vitamins naturally helps maintain your horse's joints and tendons in good working order, keeping them comfortable and strong.

WindGall (special order)


Nutrition for the fetlocks. Windgall formula is designed to provide all the nutrition that this part of the body needs to remain in good condition and trouble free.

Splint Kit(special order)

Splint Kit & Cream
For soothing of the cannon bone area
The Splint Kit helps support the splint bones in your horse and ensure that they look normal and do not spoil good looks.




For lumps and bumps in horses. Latest research has revealed that these lumps and bumps are caused by papilloma viruses. These type of virus cause wart-type problems and are very difficult to get rid of. They may very well be passed around by flies and fly bites. To date most orthodox veterinary treatment has consisted of burning out the affected part of the body. This can work but there is also a good chance of any lumps returning.
The best way through these difficulties is for your horse to improve its immune system. Modern veterinary approaches find this very difficult and often just normal feeding is not enough. If your horse needs a better immune system, super feeding is needed. A good start is a stong mineral vitamin mix like GlobalVite.
In the wild horses can ’super feed’ by picking out all the best food ,grass and herbs - over large areas. In the UK this is very rarely possible. Therefore at Global Herbs we advise that horse owners complement their horses diet with Sarc-Ex, a strong mix of plants which provides the missing link.

Fly Free


Powerful nutrients that flies really hate. FlyFree help your horse cope with flies but it also helps with general skin condition, keeps the breathing clear and soothes the membranes around the nose and eye.



Beat the itch & get great skin condition. Skratch is perhaps the most effective supplement traditionally used to help with tail, mane and itching skin in the spring and summer season.

Itch Cream


Itch Cream is a traditional, quick acting cream for spots of itching skin on your horse. Use on specific fly bites or on large areas that are causing a problem

Bite Cream(special order)


A special blend in a handy pocket sized bottle which quickly soothes bites from horse flies, midges and other insects.



Stay safe all winter, save money. Get a shiny coat as well. Mud-X used in the feed gives your horse perfect shiny skin in even the worst conditions. If you worry about skin problems in muddy conditions and want a beautiful glossy coat then Mud-X is the product for you. It can be used at any time of year.

Mud-X Cream

Mud-X syrup or powder is for everyday use and Mud-X Cream is for when you need that extra help on difficult days.

Wound Spray

Wound Spray

Sort out minor wounds in an instant. A truly wonderful herbal spray that tackles all types of minor wounds easily and effectively. As with all products of this type try out on a small area of normal skin first to check for suitability in your horse.

Wound Cream                                                                                                            Top


For minor cuts and abrasions in horses. Wound Cream gives you a quick and easy means of helping your horse with minor skin damage .



LymphBlend is designed to provide nutrition to assist the normal process in which this fluid moves around the body, especially around the legs.

EyeEase (special order)


The herbs in EyeEaze are traditionally used to support the body and particularly the eyes at times of irritation and damage.

FootStamp(special order)


The wash for itchy feathering in heavy horses. The diluted solution helps repel lice, harvest mites and other parasites. It is plant based and safe but should not be used near the eyes. It can be used routinely to keep heavy horses free of discomfort and can be used in a wide variety of situations.

Hair Rite(special order)


Great for new strong hair growth.
HairRite is a special form of GlobalVite that helps with correct growth of hair. This is important after horses have lost too much hair from itching in the summer.

Shine Shampoo

Shine Shampoo

The Cedar in Shine gives a great finish to your horse’s coat. No strong odour either which means it is ideal for showing and presentation.



Minerals are essential for skin when your horse is out at grass.
The specially formulated minerals, including zinc, are highly absorbable and about as close as you can get to the nutrients that your horse gets from its food .



The powder for everyday body defence.
This traditional preparation is an invaluable mixture of herbs to help your horse’s defence (immune) system work effectively. This blend has so many more benefits than just echincea. It calms the mind, helps the body rebuild as well as powerfully supporting body defense.



Real Shredded Garlic. Helpful for fly repelling, breathing, skin condition and parasite control this garlic is great value for money and gives your horses a great treat every day you feed it.

Flax Oil

Flax Oil

Flax oil is a well known source of important omega oils in as good a balance as is possible from one plant. It is great for skin condition, body defences and suppleness. You don’t even need to feed it every day to get all the wonderful benefits from this product.



Iron-Aid is a highly effective formula designed for horses that need the best possible source of iron for haemoglobin and red blood cells. Stable ferrous iron is taken from a natural product found in rocks in mountainous regions. This organic mineral is given stability and the resultant product carefully standardised to provide an important new supplement.



Fennel seeds have a relaxing effect if stomach and digestion is gassy or uncomfortable. Whole fenugreek seeds are great for horses. Feeding them helps support muscle function and supports comfortable stomach working.


Whole fenugreek seeds are great for horses. Feeding them helps support muscle function and supports comfortable stomach working.


Feeding seaweed is a good way of providing trace minerals that are lacking in pasture forage and concentrates. Use in some situations with our SupaHOOF formula for hoof condition.

Reduced levels are required by horses that are not undertaking a great deal of work.
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