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Bodle Bros LTD offer a competitive service of Bulk Lime delivery and spreading. This is a service that would fit hand in hand with our soil testing and mapping service. In order to maximise crop production the replacement of calcium, lost through leaching and crop uptake, in the soil is essential. With correct pH levels it is possible to maximise the potential from increasingly expensive fertilisers.

We offer the full package of haulage and spreading of bulk lime for the agricultural industry, based mainly in the Sussex, Surrey & Kent area.

Liming products

As a general rule, the finer the product the more readily absorbed it is due to the larger relative surface area to the particles.


CaCo3, Limestone is a denser more compacted sedimentary rock than chalk. Dependant on geological strata, a neutralising value of between 50-55% can be expected. We offer Agri-Lime dust which is fine particle, 0 to 4mm, Limestone product.


CaCo3 or Chalk is a soft sedimentary rock. As a soft rock it is more readily broken down and absorbed by the soil but not as fast as our Granulated Lime. It has a typical Neutralising value of 48-54%.

Magnesium Limestone

CaMg(Co3)2, Is formed the same way as Limestone, except for the sedimentation process occurring in the presence of Magnesium. This means it typically contains both Calcium (42%) and Magnesium (53%) carbonates. The typical neutralising value of 56% can be expected.

We are happy to organise soil testing for you, to establish what your soils may require to keep them in a productive balance.

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