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Bunns Fertilisers

High quality fertiliser is a prerequisite for any manufacturer, but a Bunn Fertiliser brand stands for more than the product that is packed within the bag. What differentiates a Bunn brand is the all-round experience.

Koch Advance Nitrogen

Proven performance

  • Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is in the same performance category as ammonium nitrate (AN) in terms of yield and protein levels.
  • Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser stabilises nitrogen against loss so it remains available for the crop.
  • Proven in DEFRA’s NT26 research project on nitrogen fertiliser behaviour (as AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser + urea).


  • Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser does not have the storage and handling restrictions of AN.

Improved handling efficiency

  • Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser contains46% nitrogen, one-third more nutrients compared to AN 34.5%.
  • More passes per load.
  • Fewer fill-ups.


Delivers each unit of nitrogen more cost-effectively than AN, using less time and resources with greater convenience.
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