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Granular Lime for correcting Soil Acidity
Liming is well understood to hold the key to improving crop growth & yields by limiting the adverse effects of high soil acidity ( low pH values)

Granular Lime is made from granules of finely ground limestone (<150 microns) which has been combined, in a unique process, with a water soluble organic binder to produce hard 2-5mm granules.

  • Cost effective control of soil pH maximise crop performance
  • Complete application control by the grower

Unique benefits of Granular Lime

  • Ensures even spread and rapid uptake by soil & rapid pH correction
  • Easy spreading using conventional farm spreaders with accurate band application
  • Suitable for organic farming - Soil Association approved
  • Can be applied to bare ground or to growing crops
  • Spread at any time of the year and with other fertilisers
  • Can be used to spot treat and with other crop inputs
  • Economic for treating small areas
  • Neutralising value (TNV) of 54% so lower application rates than normal ground limestone
  • Varied and accurate application can be easily achieved
  • Can be applied with bout widths up to 36 metres - cuts down overlapping
  • Can be applied during the growing season when conventional liming is not possible
  • Eliminates lime being spread on unwanted areas
  • Safe to use - non toxic and non hazardous

All crops will benefit
No matter what you are growing it will be improved from the application of Granular Lime to combat the deleterious effects of acid levels in the soil. These build up over time from rainfall leaching, the demands of growing crops, decomposition and nitrogen release - these will all serve to lower pH values and restrict valuable growth.
Correcting acid levels with appropriate
Granular Lime application will bring measurable improvement in yield. As well as improving returns from all arable crops, it will also be beneficial for fruit crops as well as beets, rape and hops. The use of Granular Lime on grassland will encourage root development and improve formation of useable grass growth.
Calciprill and Calcifert are high quality forms of Granular Lime.

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