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Grain-Set is a natural bio-stimulant foliar treatment to enhance yield and quality in cereals, pulses and maize.

It can be applied between T1 and T3 growth stages in cereals and 5 to 7 leaf stage in maize. It is an excellent surfactant which improves moisture retention and distribution.

Grain-Set can also be tank mixed with most fungicides & herbicides. Please check compatibility before mixing.

Applied at 500 to 600 mls. per ha.
Supplied in 5 litre cans

Grain-Set benefits:

  • Improved Take-all resistance.
  • Improved vigour at plant growth
  • Improved root system development
  • improved plant nutrient uptake
  • improved moisture retention
  • Minimizes negative effects from stressing situations such as insect damage, diseases, hail and drought
  • Increased grain weight
  • Improved grain fill
  • Increased grain quality and yields
  • is very safe and non hazardous
  • Approved by the Organic Farmers & Growers

Independent trials & farm experience suggest a typical 10% increase in yield……. usually more

In Kingshay maize trials Grain-Set applied with TwinN brought forward harvest date by 14 days and improved digestibility

Grain-Set is fortified with bioplexed manganese, micro-nutrients complexed by amino acids, bacterial fermentation media and plant extracts

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