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At Bodle Bros the majority of our customers love to watch the wild birds feed in their garden all year round. Therefore we have a good selection of Wild Bird food which can be purchased either in large sacks, which can be carried to your car or into smaller bags for your convenience making storage easier. We have a selection of fat balls and suet based products plus meal worms for your Robins!
Bodle Bros Ltd

Wild Bird Food:

Peanut Granules
Wild Bird Seed
Premier Wild Bird Mix
Sunflower Hearts
Black Sunflower
Striped Sunflower
Niger Seed
Energy No Mess
Robin Energy Blend with Meal Worms
Songbird Mix
Suet Blocks and Pellets
Tibbi Fat Balls
Energy Boost Variety Fat Balls
Coconut Suet Feeder
Meal Worms

Wild Bird Food


Bodle Bros Ltd

We have a large selection of bird feeders for Peanuts, Wild Bird food, Sunflower Hearts and Niger seed.

Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd