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At Bodle Bros some of our customers enjoy keeping caged birds so therefore we have a selection of bird feed and mixes to choose from that can either be purchased in large sacks, which can be carried to your car or into smaller bags for your convenience making storage easier. We have listed the products that are kept in stock; however we can order specialist diets for you.
Bodle Bros Ltd

Domestic Bird Food:

Best Budgie
Cockatiel Mix
Parrot Mix
Fruity Parrot Mix
Foreign Finch
Plain Canary
Deluxe Canary
Emp Egg Food
Stripped Sunflower
Millet Spray

Domestic Bird Food


Bodle Bros Ltd
We have a small selection of caged bird sundries (listed below) which is expanding all the time. If you do not see what you require please do not hesitate to contact us on 01444 247757 and we will try and order it for you from our current suppliers.
Bodle Bros Ltd

Bird Sand
Bird Grit
Anti – Mite Spray
Iodine Pecks
Millet Spray Holders
Cage Clips
Drinking Pots and Cockatiel Fountains
Various Treats and Toys


Bodle Bros Ltd
Bodle Bros Ltd