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BUY ONE GET ONE FREE - Equestrian Offer

NAF (Natural Animal Feeds) Himalayan Salt Licks are currently buy one get one free at our Southdown Store. 

Perfect for this time of year, Salt Licks help to replace Salts & Minerals lost when Horses sweat. They contain Magnesium which in some cases is known for its calming effect. Horses and ponies require supplementary salt on a daily basis. Research shows that salt is the one nutrient that horses will self-supplement to balance their diet. Himalayan Salt Licks hung in the stable and field allow access to the purest form of salt, without unnatural flavours that can encourage greediness!

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The new Dodson & Horrell Balancer Range has landed in our Southdown store.

To celebrate we are offering £2 off per bag while stocks last. 

The Range includes - 

Be Calm

For horses prone to excitability, it’s cereal grain free with increased levels of magnesium. Be Calm also contains actisaf yeast, antioxidants (QLC), hoof support and calming herbs such as chamomile, lemon balm and vervain.

Easy Everyday

Contains optimum levels of vitamins and minerals for a horses and ponies in light work or rest, including pasture mix herbs for increased palatability.

Go Lite

A low calorie, low protein balancer containing antioxidants (QLC) and hoof support including Lami-herbs, nettle and seaweed to help support those at risk of laminitis.


With higher levels of vitamins and minerals to help support horses who are working hard it also contains hindgut support, antioxidants (QLC), joint support, hoof support and mint and basil for palatability.

Senior Support

Containing increased levels of the vitamins and minerals required by veterans, antioxidants (QLC), hindgut support, hoof support and joint support; which includes MSM, glucosamine and turmeric.

Ulcer Sensitive

A cereal grain free balancer, with a complete digestive support package for horses who are prone to ulcers or have sensitive digestive systems. Includes ulcer herbs including linseed, liquorice, comfrey and pumpkin seeds.