We supply ECOSYL Products which offer a complete range of silage additives which enhance animal performance. They are designed to be 'task specific' rather than 'crop specific', ie they are formulated to deal with the specific problems associated with each crop type ~ It is not always necessary to have a different product for each crop. The unique MTD/1 bacteria strain has been proven over a wide range of crop types and no further fermentation / animal performance benefits have been found by adding other strains. Different numbers of MTD/1 bacteria may be applied to different crops depending on the ensiling conditions, especially DM and sugar contents. The new range of hybrid acid / inoculants all include a special formulation of potassium sorbate which is a more reliable solution than an inoculant for the problem of aerobic spoilage. They all still contain MTD/1 for added fermentation and animal performance benefits.

Our most popular products are listed below, but as we are an agent for Ecosyl we can easily access their full range.

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Ecosyl 100

Ecosyl 100 is ideal for a wide range of crops and ensiling conditions. It has been thoroughly proven to better fermentation and animal performance. Ecosyl 100 contains MTD/1 - a special strain of bacteria which is only found in the Ecosyl range of silage additives.

Features and Benefits

  • MTD/1

  • 3 ‘D’ extra digestibility

  • Improves animal performance

  • Increased dry matter retention


DA Ecobale is for use with baled forages, including high dry matter haylage for horses and delivers improved fermentation and animal performance as well as better aerobic stability. It combines two unique bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum MTD/1 and Pediococcus pentosaceus) with potassium sorbate, a safe, non-corrosive food and feed-approved preservative. DA Technology allows these to be supplied together in one easy to use pack.

Features and Benefits

  • Faster, more efficient fermentation

  • Less bale variability

  • Improved aerobic stability

  • Reduced DM losses

  • Improved palatability

  • Improved animal performance


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