Balewrap, Netwrap & Twine

Over the past couple of decades baled silage production has become a highly technical process on. In some cases this has branched out into the Haylage market for horses and other livestock. The quality of the preservation has therefore become vital, as it sets up the quality of forage available over the winter months. This in part can be controlled by the quality of wrap used.

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ENVIRO PLUS 1650 Bale Wrap

·         10% longer than 1500m. Up to 3 extra bales per roll.

·         5 ply for extra strength

·         Less downtime (fewer roll changes).

·         Less waste in roll cores and roll packaging.

·         Less roll handling.

·         Economical - saving money.


·         100% Single tape PP

·         UV Stabilised

·         Smooth Running

·         High Strength

·         205kgs Knot Strength

·         Mechanically Fibrillated


7200 twine.jpg

9500 twine.jpg


·         Compatible with high density balers

·         Maximum knot strength, 300kgs, giving better bale      security

·         100% Single tape PP

·         UV Stabilised

·         Smooth Running

·         Mechanically Fibrillated

tama HD.jpg

Tama HD Extra Baler Twine

Pack length 2600m
Specially designed for use in balers in the ‘Extra’ high-density sector,
for making extremely dense bales, or when baling in extreme conditions
high temperatures, low humidity.

Protector Advanced 3600 Netwrap

Protector Advanced 3600 Netwrap has proven to consistently deliver all of the performance criteria farmers & contractors demand with the latest balers for all baling conditions.

Full Bale Coverage Performance within all balers in any crop condition
Guaranteed minimum length ensuring you get what you pay for, End warning system that alerts operator roll end approaching, High breaking strength to cope with the heaviest of bales, Pallet cradles for easy storage, UV stabilisation to protect from high sunlight exposure, Antistatic treated, Consistent, trouble free baling at good valuManufactured by Karatzis SA, utilising unique extrusion,        pre-stretching and knitting production techniques. Protect your crop, Protect your profit, Protect your pocket!