Bodle Bros offer a ‘Deliver & Spread’ service for Fibrophos in the South East of England. Fibrophos is a concentrated fertiliser of totally organic origin consisting mainly of phosphate, potash, with sulphur, magnesium, calcium, sodium and significant quantities of essential trace elements required by crops and grass.

Fibrophos is a unique modern fertiliser, which is a compound and not a blend.

Where does Fibrophos come from?

Fibrophos is derived from the incineration of deep litter poultry manure in excess of 800ºC which is used as a fuel for state of the art electricity power stations.

What does Fibrophos fertiliser contain?

The resultant ash from the furnace is pure fertiliser containing all the plant nutrients (except nitrogen) which were present in the poultry feed. After size grading the ash is marketed as Fibrophos Fertilisers. Because the ash is derived from the poultry feed the nutrients are in the balance taken up from the soil by the feed constituents including wheat, barley and grass pellets.

It is a renewable nutrient source and does not use up scarce resources such as mineral phosphates. As such when applied to the soil, Fibrophos returns the nutrients in the balance removed by the crops.