Grain Trading

We operate a TASSC approved comprehensive grain, oilseeds and pulses trading service tailored to the needs of our customers. We are able to test grain, oilseeds and pulses through our in-house laboratory.

Our historical contacts within the trade and end users allow us to be sure of finding the correct and most profitable market for each specific sample of grains or pulses marketed through us.

We have complete control of the haulage of the commodities we market, using our own TASSC approved haulage or other local TASSC approved hauliers with whom we have a long and strong relationship. This ensures good communication along the chain from the farmer to the delivery point.

All contracts struck with us are confirmed by the seller receiving a written confirmation. All claims are communicated and discussed with the seller as soon as possible.

Payment for commodities that we market are made on the 20th of the month following movement, unless by special agreement. We are committed to providing and delivering a first class personal service to our growers and those who market their grain, pulses and oilseeds through us.

Grain Insurance

Selling your grain is a major decision process & so we have chosen to take some of the potential risk away from you & credit insure grain sales through a 3rd party insurer. We believe, as do a few other merchants, that this is the right thing to do in such uncertain and volatile times. With the Grain Trade moving into fewer hands, there is the added concern that the collapse of one business, which we may not even have sold to, could have a knock on effect to another who we are dealing with. As a consequence of this, it is critical that we protect our growers and ourselves from the risk of bad debt. We are aware that some farmers like to ‘spread’ their sales to limit exposure to any one party and so we now hope that we become a more attractive buyer for your crops. You'll notice 20p/t off your self billing grain invoices to cover this insurance which we trust you approve of.