Volac Milk Powders & Feeders


forster technik vario feeder

The system automatically mixes and dispenses milk replacer or whole milk. It also allows the incorporation of a variety of additional technology, such as a concentrate feeder or temperature measuring system – even direct PC connection is available to benefit your calf management.
These extra items can be added as and when they are needed on your farm. The Vario has the ability and flexibility to grow with the needs of your farm.

Key features:

Rears up to 80 calves

Stainless steel milk pump

Hand held computer terminal

Action lists created daily

Up to 4 different feeding curves available

Vario Powder Feeder for milk replacer feeding

Vario Combi Feeder for milk replacer and whole milk feeding

IQ Heater

Precise portion sizes down to a 1/4 litre

Training pump for new calves.

The Forster Technik computerised calf feeder machine can be either purchased outright, or leased on a 6 or 12 month term.