P focus

P-Focus  : Liquid phosphate in the right place

Starter NPK 10:18:4

Product Information

P-Focus is a very efficient source of N-P-K  based on the highest quality raw mareials..

The phosphates are present in a form that is immediately available for plant absorption and metabolism. At times of limited availability of phosphate and potassium from the soil, such as in cold wet springs,  P-Focus provides phosphate and potassium in readily available forms & is the ideal placement starter fertiliser for crops, which react to phosphate in particular.

P-Focus , liquid phosphate is  applied directly on the seed.

P-Focus is a unique  liquid product with phosphate that can be applied directly on the seed  making it highly effective and efficient in use to promote early root establishment.

In 2014 it has been used in several trials in potatoes  and maize with excellent results. 


  Rapidly available phosphate directly at the starting plant.

  With less phosphate better results.

  Fast nitrogen immediately available for starting plants.

  Due to the high percentage in the row less fertiliser handling

  Lower application rate in the row gives a larger hectare capacity.

  Strong plants

Mixing Advice

Whilst filling the tank with the desired amount of water, add any partner products  Then add the desired amount of P-Focus.

Application rates

Application rate in rows : 50L P-Focus per  hectare, diluted in minimum of  200L of water.

Foliar Application : 20L  P-Focus per hectare, diluted in minimum of 200L  

Guaranteed Analysis

Total N                     : 10%

Phosphate (P2O5)     : 18%

Potash (K2O)            : 4%

Sulphur (S)              : 1%

Manganese (Mn)       : 0.5%

Zinc (Zn)                  : 0.5%

Product Features

Specific weight : 1.28

pH : 6.8-7.8

Apppearance : Almost colourless


In cans :      25Kg

In IBC's :  1250kg

Bulk -       25000 full tanker