Calcifert Lime

Quickly control soil pH with our highly reactive granulated lime - which can be spread all year round. Calcifert granulated lime is proven to neutralise soil acidity, Calcifert granulated lime can be applied year-round using conventional farm equipment and is a cost-effective way to control soil pH. Made from fine limestone flour combined with a water-soluble organic binder, Calcifert Lime consists of hard granules of between 2 and 5mm in diameter, produced in the UK from 100% British limestone, mined in the Peak District. It is suitable for use on all farms, including organic systems, forestry and horticultural use and is suitable for all crops including grassland, cereals, fruit, oilseed rape and even hops. Read the full product specification Monitoring the pH of your soil is key to improving crop performance, as low soil pH will reduce crop growth and ultimately yield. Calcifert is proven to quickly raise and then sustain soil pH at a range of soil depths, as our trial carried out at Tiln Farm in Nottinghamshire shows.

Calcifert has many significant benefits over conventional lime. The biggest benefit to farmers is that Calcifert doesn’t need to be applied by specialist contractors – it can be applied by you, using conventional farm fertiliser spreading equipment.

Calcifert Lime's benefits include:

Limestone granules of a regular size and shape ensure an even spread and rapid uptake

Easy spreading with conventional farm spreaders reducing the need for expensive specialist contractors

Can be spread at any time of the year and with other fertilisers

Can be applied on bare ground or to growing crops, unlike conventional lime

A cost-effective option thanks to lower application rates than conventional lime

Approved for organic farming

Can be used to spot treat ground - making it economical for treating small areas

Can be applied in bout widths up to 36 metres

Safe to use: non-toxic and non-hazardous

Creates significantly less dust than conventional lime.

Agricultural Lime Association assured under the AQS (AgLime Quality Standard). 

How much do I apply?

Calcifert Lime application rates are lower than conventional lime making it a cost-effective alternative.  How much you apply will depend on your soil type, acid levels and crop.  Please contact us for more guidance on specific rates or view our application rates chart.

When is the best time to apply Calcifert Lime?

Calcifert Lime can be applied all year round.  Applying Calcifert Lime before wet weather will increase the speed at which is reacts with the soil. 

How soon after spreading can I put animals back to graze?

Animals can be put back to graze on treated land immediately.  Calcifert Lime is not harmful to animals.