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Soil Mapping

Sampling, Manure analysis & Farm Mapping Services

Ensuring you have the right nutrient balance in your soils is key to maximising yield and profitability in both grassland and arable rotations.

Bodle Bros are working alongside S.Woodley Crop Services, a local independent precision farming company to provide a detailed soil sampling service that can be tailored to your needs.

Variable Rate Nutrient Mapping:

We can provide variable rate nutrient mapping and spreading to aid you with any nutrient management decisions on your farm.

Packages can be tailored to meet your farms requirement and maps are fully compatible with any IT systems currently being used, e.g. GateKeeper. Support is also available with producing yield maps and variable seed rates. The example below provides an overview of a farms requirement for Phosphate on a acre by acre basis.

Soil Zoning:

It is a well know fact that soil types can vary greatly across a field. Mapping a farms soil type provides a wealth of information, allowing variable rate seed application, zoned soil sampling and variable cultivation techniques. Unlike other providers, S. Woodley Crop Services uses physical samples of soil, taking multiple cores at multiple depths in each hectare to build up an overall picture of the field.

Manure and Slurry Analysis:

Manure and slurry are some of the most valuable bi-products on any livestock farm. Ensuring they are tested allows educated decisions to be made on their application. With increasing fertiliser prices, utilising existing organic manures to their full potential encourages higher yields with a reduction in the overall cost.

When combined with a detailed soil analysis package, real benefits can be seen right across the farm.