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Reduce annoying flies around your stock...

Crystalyx GARLYX – Developed for maximising animal performance at grass, and providing all the usual benefits of Crystalyx together with the natural high sulphur compounds present in Garlic that repel biting insects, and reduce seasonal irritation. We will be running offers on the 22.5kg buckets in our Southdown Store.

-Game Cover Seed-
We have a small surplus of game cover maize if anyone is looking for a good deal.

Ask us to quote for the rest of you cover crops & game feeds…..we may just surprise you.

 -Grain Trade-
The long awaited market improvement is happening at last. Please talk to us to consider the merits of selling for harvest & working out the best strategy to fit your business.

The early Nitrogen market drop is just around the corner. We think that this year will be a good time to buy early against a backdrop of bullish oil & grain prices.

EfficiNt28 foliar nitrogen comes into its own this time of year as the topsoil dries up & bagged nitrogen becomes more wasteful. Tank mix with T3 sprays on cereals.

Applications to maize crops in full canopy is way more productive than putting all the nutrition into the seedbed.

-Bale Wrap-
Silage & Haylage making is in full swing. We are stocking our tried & tested 1650m long, 5 layer bale wrap, full cover 3600m netwrap & twines from Hesston to HD.

-Silage Additives-
We firmly believe that Ecosyl & Ecobale offer the most proven mode of action & enhanced animal performance.

-Dennes Wheat Trials Day-

Friday 22nd June, Stelling Minnis, Nr Ashford.

Andrew Bourne gives an extremely informative day, demonstrating the virtues of many varieties, fertiliser regimes & ag chem practices. It’s definitely worth the trip!

-New Website-
We are proud to launch our smart new website. Please let us know what you think of it.

You can also follow us on Twitter @BodleBros 

-And here’s thought-

What is a business? It’s simply an idea that makes someone else’s life better
— Richard Branson