Grass quality and availability falls in the South East

Grass quality & availability falls in the South East

Looking at the weather predictions going forward into June it looks like only sporadic rainfall is due in the South East & May has already seen either less than forecast or it disappears completely. 
Taking precautions now to keep growth rates up in cattle and sheep by using grazing supplements, is a good cost effective management tool. Crystalyx & Scotmin feed blocks are a convenient way of providing supplementation  to livestock 24 hours a day. The products are licked little and often, constantly supplementing the animal and stimulating the Rumen bugs, making the best of home grown forages and balancing forage deficiencies.  

Keeps Rumen fibre-digesting bacteria thriving:

The licking action promotes natural Rumen buffering ability through saliva production. Rumnen fibre-digesting bacteria must have a relatively high Rumen PH in order to thrive. When we feed a compound or grain mix with even a small amount of starch we cause a drop in Rumen PH. This kills off fibre digesting bacteria, and it may be several days before the bacterial population recovers. If this happens repeatedly, the Rumen begins to think its on a winter housed ration instead of grass or forage.  

Protein and Nitrogen delivery:

With an average to low quality grazing or forage, the first limiting nutrient will be Protein. The Rumen bacteria require both Protein and Nitrogen to grow and digest Fibre. Some of the 'natural' Protein we feed is broken down to Ammonia Nitrogen, which gets recirculated and utilised by a group of Fibre digesting Bacteria. This contributes to supporting and enhancing animal production.  

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If you require anymore information about how using a feed block could benefit your herd then please contact Martyn on
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We can deliver smaller quantities locally, full pallets into farms, we have stores in Kent, and also hold a large range for collection at our Southdown Store.