Soil Meeting Summery

Many thanks to all who attended our recent Soil & Crop Nutrition meeting at the Bolney Wine Estate.

The take home messages from our speakers were:

  • Measure what’s in your soils so you know what you have to work with

  • Use accurate fertilisers and spreading methods to minimise waste

  • Consider buying trace elements within blended fertilisers depending on your soil and crop analysis

  • Use coated Urea bagged Nitrogen to minimise Nitrous Oxide gassing off. This is also more stable in the soil than AN

  • KaN is re-branding to SustaiN coated Urea this summer

  • Once full leaf cover is established, Foliar EfficieNt 28 is by far the most effective way of feeding Nitrogen to crops

  • We are working with the local CHAMP project to trail practices to minimise Nitrate pollution

  • Do not under estimate the momentum of the environmental lobby, the press and Defra’s clean air strategy

  • Fertliser wastage is a cost to you and the environment

  • Bolney bubbles are very pleasant on a Friday afternoon! 🍾