March Topical Topics

Here are some topical topics to keep you in touch...


  • Naturally hardened supplementary feed lick containing high energy, protein, trace elements, minerals & vitamins.

  • Contains very little water, no fibre, no binders & no chemicals - unlike other blocks on the market.

  • Softens on the surface as it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Licking removes this sticky surface exposing the still hard product underneath.

  • It's the high sugar levels that stimulate the digestion of forages by 10%-20%, so its not just the nutrients in the tub that you gain. 

Crystalyx is an inexpensive way of feeding ruminant livestock by making the best of home grown forages. 

Stewardship Seeds & Game cover Seed
With the application dates now open to apply for your Countryside Stewardship Schemes, we have various useful guides as to the best seed mixture you may require. Please ask and we will be happy to help. Click the link below to the visit the government stewardship website. 

Grain Trade
Russia has dominated the world exports, in turn putting downward pressure on the UK market. However, if you are still hanging on for better prices, bear in mind that even at today's levels its as good as its been since 2012, so its still not the wrong move to sell.
Other downward pressure may come from recent aggressive French selling, possible further US sanctions against Russia & the closure of 2 Northern ethanol plants have also hindered our market. Feed Wheat & Barley appear lacklustre in the South East but we are sensing that full spec Milling Wheat may get short towards the end of the season.. Perhaps!

The bulk of trade is now mostly done but please talk to us if you need any top ups or soil tests are highlighting any deficiencies that need balancing.  
EfficieNt28 foliar nitrogen comes into its own this time of year as the crop leaf area grows. The best field & independent trail results use split applications at T2 & T3 on winter Wheat, giving a consistent 0.3t yield increase. We also now have 2018 NIAB trial results showing significant oil % increases is OSR, as well as significant yield increases confirming what we have seen in the field for several years. After all, wasted Nitrogen costs you money and environmental stress. 
We have an early order discount for orders placed before the end of March.

This is one of the cheapest ways to top up & correct your P&K's in the spring & you get a plethora or trace elements for free. We are able to spread on GPS.

Bale Wrap
Early trade talk is suggesting that prices for Bale Wrap and Net could be similar to last years. 

 Sheep Feed & Lambing Supplies

Ah yes, the next few weeks will see a lot of sunken eyed shepherds lacking sleep. Make sure that you are well planned to avoid too many surprises & we hope all goes well. Most feed is now on contract but there are still some good deals available if you are not covered yet. Our Southdown Store holds a wide range of Lambing equipment and we are well stocked up with Lamlac 5,10 & 25kg bags. 


And here is a thought.. A new app has been launched called Tudder, a combination of Tinder & Udder, designed to help farmers find potential partners for their Livestock! 

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